5 Amazing Cookie Artists on Instagram

These are 5 cookie artist on Instagram you just have to follow. Their cookies are so pretty you wouldn’t want to eat them. Or maybe you would… I know I catch myself browsing photo after photo on Instagram of beautifully decorated cookies. Here are a few of my favourite cookie artists on Instagram:

1. _emmas__sweets

A photo posted by ?Mary? (@_emmas__sweets) on

Mary (not Emma) is a Canadian cookie artist that says releasing her energy into creating beautiful cookies has become therapeutic and very self rewarding. I can imagine it is! I would probably get frustrated of not getting my cookies as pretty as her’s though. If you’re wondering why her Instagram is called  Emma’s sweets, it’s because her daughter Emma inspired her to start getting into the art of decorating cookies. Yay Emma!

2. dolcecustomcookies

A photo posted by Christy (@dolcecustomcookies) on

Christy is another cookie artist in Canada. I just love her cute little cookies. She makes it look so simple, but I know I can’t get my cookies as clean and cute as hers.

3. bake.cookies

A photo posted by Имбирные Пряники?Новошахтинск (@bake.cookies) on

The cookies made by the Russian bake.cookies are just too cute! And the detail that goes into them, its amazing. 

4. ocd_obsessive_cookie_designer

A photo posted by @ocd_obsessive_cookie_designer on

Deanna from ocd_obessive_cookie_designer in the U.S., calls herself a fancy cookie maker. Fancy indeed, her cookies look amazing. I also really like that she takes her cookies ‘on the road’  to photograph them in beautiful places.

5. Sugar Shimmer

A photo posted by Sugar Shimmer (@sugarshimmer) on

The amount of detail the Canadian Sugar Shimmer puts into her cookies is amazing. Some of them just look like paintings! Unless they create color by number cookies, I don’t see myself doing that anytime soon. So I’ll just stick to checking out her amazing cookies.

Who are your favorite Cookies Artists on Instagram?

Am I missing an awesome artist I need to follow? Let me know, you can find me on Instagram as cakies.


  1. Mary
    26 October 2016

    Thank you for the mention in your post! I am flattered and I know my Emma would be happy as well! Great group of artists here 🙂
    ~~Mary~~ (Emma’s Sweets)

    1. 27 October 2016

      You’re welcome. Your cookies look amazing!

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