5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for foodies

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It dawned on me the other day that it’s almost Father’s Day here in the Netherlands! Time for me to start searching for some Father’s Day gift ideas. While I was browsing I figure I would share my foodie related finds with you. In case you’re also still wondering what to get your dad this year. I don’t know when Father’s Day is everywhere else in the world but in the Netherlands it’s always on the 3rd Sunday in June.

Here are 5 Father’s Day Gift ideas:

1. Homemade with love

I can always make my dad happy baking him something. He’s a joy to bake for cause he likes almost anything. Maybe I’ll surprise him by baking him some of my Muffins that taste like donuts, I know he likes those or a Surinamese specialty called Bojo. So many things he would enjoy eating, I’m spoiled for choice really. Why not gift your dad something you baked yourself as well? Something you know he will enjoy getting.

2. Book of inspiration

If your dad enjoy’s cooking or baking, why not gift him a nice cookbook. I stumbled across an interesting book called “Eat like a man“. Or if your dad loves to grill why not get him this “How to grill” book. My dad likes baking bread though so for him I’m thinking of finding a nice bread baking book.

3. Foodie tools

Why not get your dad some foodie tools he can use while he’s cooking. If he’s a grilling type, get him some barbecue grill tools. Or if he’s more the indoor cooking type he can probably use one of those sturdy (manly) wooden chopping boards. I think I’ll be taking a closer look at the grill tools for my dad.

4. Foodie outfit

If you also want your dad to look the part while he’s doing his culinary thing why not buy him an apron as a Father’s Day gift. You can go the funny “Danger Men Cooking” approach or choose the sweet “World’s coolest Dad” apron. For my dad though I think I’ll try and find something else. I don’t really see him wearing an apron. If this is something your dad would like though it’s worth to pick out the perfect apron for him.

5. Culinary treat

For the dad that doesn’t like to cook but loves to eat, perhaps the perfect Father’s Day gift can be as simple as taking him out for lunch or dinner or even a brunch. Spend some quality time together. Pick out his favourite place or, if he likes to try out new things, find a new place you can try out. You could even make it a tradition of trying out a new place to eat every year on Father’s Day. I know I can always surprise my dad by taking him out to dinner.

These are just some of the culinary Father’s Day gift ideas I’ve found around the web so far. Whatever you choose to gift your dad I know the one thing he likes the most is to just to see you. 🙂

Do you know yet what you’re going to gift your dad for Father’s Day?

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