Baby Shower Sweetness

A few weeks ago I had a baby shower of a friend of mine, she was expecting her first child.

Together with a few friends we arranged a surprise baby shower for her at her home. On of us lured her out of her home and the rest of us, with a little help, got into her house to decorate and start prepping for the party.

We had a high tea and I was (of course) in charge of making all the sweet stuff :). A few other friends made sure we had some savory things to eat as well.

I made a few bavarois, muffins, brownies and cookies. I also put together a little cake, it was simple, but looked really cute. My friend was really surprised and loved all the goodies we gave her. It was a great day and I can’t wait to see the little one! Her baby girl was born last weekend but I haven’t been able to visit her yet, can’t wait!

Dessert tablr
Dessert table
Baby shower cookies
Baby shower cookies

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