Cakies One Year Anniversary!

And then all of a sudden it’s a year later! Today, exactly one year ago I published my first recipe on Cakies. Time went by so fast that I almost forgot it has been a year already!

The world looked very different back then. I started blogging, because I wanted to share my recipes and baking adventures with others. If only my family and friends would read it I would’ve been very happy already. A year later I see that many people (who I don’t know) find there way to my blog. Thanks!

The three recipes you viewed the most are:

  1. Extremely Delicious Apple and Cinnamon Cupcakes
  2. Surprisingly Delicious Chocolate and Chili Cupcakes
  3. Awesome Lime Buttercream

My favorite recipe so far? That’s a hard one! My very first recipe, Memory Lane Lemon Meringue Pie is really good. However, the Addictive Cinnamon and Sugar Popcorn is, well, addictively delicious. Then you also have the delicious Fresh Mango and Ginger Quark Pie, the Bad, Bad Brownies, and so on, and so on…

Starting this blog also made me look into the world of patisserie (pastry). I’m almost finished with my Pastry Course! Time flies!

One of the highlights of the English version of my blog was being mentioned on The Cupcake blog. They reffered to my Extremely Delicious Apple and Cinnamon Cupcakes recipe. A fun referral to the Dutch version of my blog was quite recently. One of the leading newspapers of the Netherlands referred to my Jammie Goji Bes, Bosbes en Honing Muffins (Yummy Goji Berry, Blue Berry and Honey Muffins) recipe on their site.
Both referrals came as a surprise, totally unexpected! That’s what made it so nice.

The best thing though, is getting all these nice comments from all you guys, either through my blog or on Facebook or Twitter. Even a year later, I’m still surprised that you like my blog!

That’s why I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the visits and comments on my site. I hope you will keep enjoying reading all my adventures and recipes!

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