Finally! A fresh new look and new features

You may have noticed a slight change to the website this last week… That’s because I sneakily launched a new web design!

I’m happy to finally announce Cakies’ new website! The last few weeks have been Murphy’s Law, trying to get the new site going. “Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong”. I’ll spare you the details and frustration, but I can tell you that this website change has been, hands down, the one that I faced the most issues with. And I’ve done my share of website revamps in my life, from big multi language corporate sites to small ones. There are still some things that need to be done, but I’m happy to announce this version as my new site. It’s definitely been worth the headache.

Why a redesign?

The site was ok but it didn’t really reflect me and what I want Cakies to be. I wanted the new design to be less cluttered and more focused. Partly a modern look but also partly a retro feel. That’s exactly what the site looks like now. The design is minimalist, clean and simple with the focus on food, like I want it to be. The logo is simple with a retro feel to it. It fits my style and who I am. The site now has a clean new look and is easier for visitors to browse through.

New features

Next to a new and fresh, clean look to the site I’ve also added a few new features to hopefully make it easier and more enjoyable for you to browse through the site.

Quick link to short recipe

I know not everyone will always have time to read through the background story of a recipe or is interested in the step-by-step photos. For those of you that would like to skip to the short version of the recipe quickly I’ve added a quick link on the top of the page “Straight to the short recipe” for you to click on and it’ll jump to the recipe.

Cakies New Design - Straight to short recipe

Back to top

Just as easily as you can jump to the recipe there’s now a little button on the right of the screen as you’re scrolling down which you can click on to jump back to the top quickly.

Metric to US Imperial conversion

I write all my recipes in Metric values. For those of you that prefer the US Imperial system there’s now an option to convert to those measurements.

Serving size conversion

There’s now a serving size conversion option. If you change the serving size of a recipe it will automatically convert the amount needed of each ingredient in the recipe.

Rate my recipes

Okay, technically this isn’t a new feature. But it’s certainly a feature that hasn’t been utilized much. If you like my recipes I would love it if you would give them a star rating. You can find the stars at the short version of the recipe. Just click on the star rating you want to give the recipe.

Cakies New Design - New features

Responsive design

My site was responsive before, but it really didn’t look nice. The current design is responsive and works seamlessly on both smartphones and tablets.

107 Ideas

All of the recent changes have all been done with the help of Michel of 107 Ideas. He tackled all the technical issues and fixed them as well as create the new design for the site. He also created the new logo which I’ve been using for the last few months. I couldn’t have gotten the website up and running like it is now without his creativity and perseverance to get everything fixed.

Overall I’m really happy with the new design and I hope it’ll make things even easier and more enjoyable for you to browse through in search of the most delicious baking recipes!

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