First Day at Pastry School

I had my very first pastry (or patisserie to be exact) lesson last Monday. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I liked what we’ve done so far!

We had quite a large group, about 40 people with many different backgrounds. Some were chefs, some had a medical background, some worked for the government, some were recent graduates, others had their own business or restaurants and there were also a few with a marketing/communications background just like me. All in all quite a nice mix of people.

We were divided into two groups and the group I was in started working on a nice pie with an almond paste filling. The pie dough was a basic dough with which you can make many different types of pies and also makes a nice cookie dough! From the left over though we made some delicious cookies 🙂

almond paste pie and cookies

We also worked on training our piping skills, which I forgot to take a picture of… During the day I also received my patisserie outfit which I’ll be wearing every week for the next couple of months.

patisserie, pastry outfit

Looking back, it seems like we haven’t done much, but for a first day it was more than enough. Everything was new and exciting, and we were warned that we may start a bit slow, but we’ll have to pick up the pace soon enough! I can’t wait!

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