How to get your eggs at room temperature fast

I recently talked about the “5 Must Do’s Before Baking“. One of the things I mentioned was having your ingredients at room temperature. One ingredient that’s used in most recipes is eggs. Some people keep eggs at room temperature at all times already, however there are also people who prefer to keep their eggs in the fridge.

Why eggs at room temperature?

Eggs at room temperature will mix more easily with your batter and you’ll have more volume versus using cold eggs. Using cold eggs can result in a curdled batter and the lack of added volume can result in smaller baked goods. Using eggs at room temperature will give a more smooth batter.

Obviously, the best way to get your eggs at room temperature is of course to just get them out on time, well before you start baking, but sometimes you forget or just need to bake something fast and you just don’t have the time to sit around and wait voor a bunch of eggs to come to room temperature.

Quickly get your eggs at room temperature

Pour really warm (but not hot) water into a bowl and gently slide the eggs in. In the meantime get together all your other ingredients needed in your recipe. After about 5-10 minutes the eggs should be ready to use. If the eggs still feel cold to the touch leave them a little bit longer, once the eggs no longer feel cold they are ready to use.

How to get eggs at room temperature fast

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