My Pastry Challenge

cakies' pastry challenge

Well, I’ve set myself up for one tasty challenge, I signed up for a pastry course! Starting September I’ll be attending a pastry class one day a week for an entire (school) year. So for the next couple of months I’ll be baking, decorating, tempering chocolate and more!

Taking this course is something I always wanted to do, but for some reason never did. Every year the idea would pop back in my head again to learn some proper pastry skills and I would go surfing on the internet to see if I could find a course. All I could ever find were cake decorating workshops or full-time pastry classes. The workshops were interesting, but I always felt I needed more than one workshop and going back to school full-time wasn’t really what I was looking for either. So every year I’d put the idea ‘on hold’ again, till last year that is…

Last year I found a pastry course that would teach me many techniques, would take a whole year, and was only for one day a week! At the time I wasn’t able to sign up, but when it was time to look for another job I decided in my head that I wanted a job for 4 days a week, so I could join the course. Making that decision very clearly in my head has thought me that you can achieve anything you can set your mind to, because I actually found a job for 4 days a week. I immediately signed up for the upcoming pastry course which will be starting in September!

So hopefully I will be inspired by what I’ll learn on this course and will be able to develop more recipes to share with you!
I will ofcourse be blogging about my baking adventures to keep you posted about my process! Wish me luck 🙂

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