Pastry Course Day 24: Oscar cake

On this day we didn’t get any lessons, we had to get started immediately. We were handed a recipe and were left to our own devices.

It was a really fun day, especially because we were making a really fun and delicious recipe. We made Rudolph van Veen‘s Oscar cake. Rudolph is a Master Pastry Chef from the Netherlands. The cake is a delicious chocolate cake. This is a cake which he designed and was served as dessert at the Oscars (Academy Awards) in 2005. That’s why it’s called Oscar cake. His version also had a little Oscar statue molded out of chocolate on top of it. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make those, so we made chocolate rolls of film to stay in the movie theme.

The end result looked pretty nice and tasted amazing as well!


Oscar cakes
One big Oscar cake and four mini’s

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