Pastry Course Day 25: Four types of friandises

On the 25th day of the course I was out snowboarding in France! I went and had fun in the snow with friends, it was awesome! Unfortunately I did end up missing the final assignment of the fourth module, but whether I missed it or not, I did want to do the final assignment!

I eventually did the assignment at home. We had to make four types of friandises. Friandises are small pastries. At a restaurant they would normally be served after dessert with your coffee or tea. I decided to create my friandises around a theme. I chose The Netherlands as theme. I made mini apricot bavarois, mini orange meringue (because the colour orange is the color of the Dutch royal family and is used at every Dutch celebration), red, white and blue macarons (the Dutch flag is red, white and blue), and mini apple pies (because nothing beats a good Dutch apple pie!).

Everything turned out pretty good. The only thing I felt needed some improvement were the macarons. The friandises didn’t only look good, they tasted delicious as well. I ended up serving them to my family and everybody loved them!


My delicious friandises!

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