Pastry Course Day 28: Finishing the tragacanth piece

On the 28th day it was time to finish the tragacanth piece. All the pieces we cut out a week earlier were nice and hard and ready to sand down. Next it was a matter of assembling all the pieces and stick them together with royal icing and, in my case, colour in all the pieces because I left all my pieces white.

I made giftboxes in three sizes which I put on top of each other. Assembling the pieces was little challenging, you had to make sure your piece had somewhere to lean on to, because the royal icing needed time to dry and harden. Once assembled and hardened I painted the boxes in different colours.

It was really fun to do and I was really happy with the end result.

Tragacanth sugar piece: Gift boxes
Tragacanth sugar piece: Gift boxes

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