Pastry Course Day Eight: Chocolate Mask “Funky Monster”

I had quite a challenging course this week. I thought I was going to be making concave and convex shapes, but I ended up in the group that was going to be working with masks. I didn’t bring a mask and hadn’t really prepared for this, but started working in good spirits. I could pick out a small range of masks and chose the bunny mask.

The Mold: Cute Bunny Mask
The Mold: Cute Bunny Mask

We just had 1 assignment, turn your mask into something completely different. It wasn’t supposed to look like the mask itself. So a bunny shouldn’t resemble a bunny anymore. The mask was purely a mold for the chocolate shape, the chocolate mask had to turn into something completely different.

I decided I was going to make a Medea type mask with snakes coming out of the head. To make a long story short, it didn’t work… Creating snakes out of modeling chocolate didn’t work one bit and my other snakelike attempts broke…

Eventually I ended up with a Funky Monster. Funky, because at one point I decided to create a cool bit of hair and Monster because the endresult is UUUUUUGLY :D.

The End Result: "Funky Monster"
The End Result: “Funky Monster”

But I have to say, I did have a lot of fun making the Monster. I learned a whole bunch of new techniques and found out what I need to do next time to end up with a better result. I also know a bit better what I want to do for the final assignment of this module. But I do need to get my hands on the right material, otherwise my idea won’t work…

All in all I had a great day again during which I learned loads of new stuff!

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