Pastry Course Day Fifteen: Decorating a Two Tiered Cake


This week it was final assignment week. The final assignment of the third module was filling and decorating a two tiered cake. I had decided to bake my own cakes which I filled and decorated. I, ofcourse, wasn’t very lucky again this week, by the time I got around filling my cake with buttercream we were all out so we had to make some from scratch. By the time I got around decorating my cake most of the group was well underway. Because I had less time to decorate I had to adjust my plans slightly.

First we had to ice the filled cakes and cover them with fondant. Meanwhile we were also making the royal icing for decorating. I covered both of my cakes with white fondant and added a little green top to my top cake. I kept the decorations quite simple, a few santa’s and christmas trees with some decorative piping to bring it all together. I’m really happy with the cake. I would’ve loved to have tried out more techniques on the cake, but I’m still really happy with the end result.

Two Tiered Christmas Cake
Two Tiered Christmas Cake

I can’t wait to find out what the next module will be, but the next two weeks there won’t be any new lessons, will continue with the next module next year.

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