Pastry Course Day Five: Tripple Coloured Chocolate Cake and more

Last week we already came to the end of the first module of the course. In this first module we learned all about the different types of cake batter. During this last lesson our final assignment was creating a triple coloured chocolate cake. In order to create this cake we first had to make a flat sponge cake. We made a big sheet and took our two circles, one for the bottom, one for the top. In between the layers of cake we added three different types of chocolate ganache, dark, milk and white. Finishing of with a thin layer of chocolate on top. The endresult really was amazing. Being the kind of person that I am, I ofcourse saw where I could improve, but nevertheless I was really proud of the endresult.

Tripple Coloured Chocolate Cake
Tripple Coloured Chocolate Cake: Doesn’t just look delicious, tastes delicious as well!

Next to creating the tripple coloured chocolate cake we also made a cake log out of the left over sponge cake. My baking buddy and I chose to fill the cake with dark chocolate ganache and nuts. We didn’t really put much effort in finishing this cake, we had already made so many things that day that we decided to keep it extremely simpel. Appearance wise, this sure needs some improving, but taste wise, it was excellent!

Chocoalate Cake Log
Chocolate Cake Log: As you can see, appearance needs a lot of work!

In between all of that baking we also made ‘bitterkoekjes’, I’m not entirely sure what the english name is for that, when I look it up, it says ‘macaroons’ so I’ll just call them macaroon type cookies. It was really fun learning how to make these cookies, normally I’m not a fan of cookies like this, but these were delicious! We also finished off a few of the cookies with a buttercream topping dipped in fondant.

Macaroon Cookies with Topping
Macaroon Cookies with Topping

All in all I had a very busy day during which I found out that I actually learned quite a lot thise past few weeks. The endresult also went down well with my colleagues and family, they loved it!

I’m really excited about the next module, this one is all about chocolate, mmmmm!

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