Pastry Course Day Two: Choux Pastry

Last Monday it was pastry day again. This time we learned all about choux pastry. You can use choux pastry to make profiteroles (cream puffs), croquembouches, éclairs etc.

We had to work in pairs to make the choux pastry. Making the batter went okay, it’s just that my arm got really tired of the constant mixing of the batter. I was really glad that we were making this in pairs! I should really start training my mixing arm!

choux pastry batter
The end result after mixing like crazy

I ended up making a couple of little and large cream puffs.

choux pastry
First I piped some profiteroles (cream puffs)
choux pastry, profiteroles, cream puffs
This is what the profiteroles look like after baking
choux pastry
These are the big ones

I also made some choux pastry swans.

choux pastry swan
Choux Pastry Swan!

I went home with a box filled with goodies!

choux pastry goodies
Choux Pastry Goodies

All-in-all I’ve learned a lot this week and can’t wait till next lesson!

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