My Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? A list of things you want to do/experience at least once in your live? I’ve got a whole list of things I want to experience. I started to write them down and have managed to cross off several things over the years. I think everybody should have a bucket list. It’s a fun way to keep track of what you want to do.

My Foodie Bucket List

I’ve got a whole lot of things on my bucket list that include non food experience. But for my blog I’ll stick to food and mostly baking experiences. The list is in random order.

  1. Visit the Bangkok Train Market.
  2. Eat a Cronut.
  3. Bake something from a package not like it was intended.
  4. Bake bagels.
  5. Bake “Zaanse Kermis” cookies (a Dutch cookie).
  6. Eat pizza in Italy,
  7. Make olive oil ice cream.
  8. Have an elaborate picnic at a park.
  9. Eat at a chef’s table.
  10. Have lunch with the Pioneer Woman.
  11. Write a book filled with delicious baking recipes.
  12. Eat at a food truck in Los Angeles.
  13. Bake somethings from every country in the world. – Follow my Baking Around the World Challenge.
  14. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant.
  15. Eat at a vegan restaurant.
  16. Bake sugar free for a month.
  17. Attend a food blogger event.
  18. Visit La Cité, the world’s first wine theme park in Bordeaux, France.
  19. Have a full English breakfast in England.
  20. Make something with Matcha.
  21. Eat a hotdog at a baseball game.
  22. Bake a Dutch Christmas bread (kerststol).
  23. Make churros.
  24. Eat at an “eat in the dark” restaurant.
  25. Blog live either live blogging from an event or do a Periscope, Blab or Facebook live video

These are just 25 of the things I would like to accomplish one day. I’ll keep you guys up to date as I check off things off this list!

What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments.



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