Pastry Course Day 39: High Tea

All of a sudden it had arrived, the last day of the pastry course! Time went by really fast. I learned and tasted so many new things this last year! On this last day we used all the skills we learned to create a High Tea.

We were allowed to invite a couple of people who were welcome to join us for the high tea starting at 3pm. My mom and my grandma (from which I got my passion for patisserie) joined me for the high tea.

Before our guests arrived we had work to do. We had to prepare the high tea by ourselves. Everyone was handed a recipe or was allowed to use their own recipe. Savory, sweet, anything was possible. I was asked beforehand to make my “retro recipe”. The retro recipe was a special assignment in which we were supposed to change a classic recipe into something new, or take a modern recipe and give it a classic twist. My retro recipe was an Apple Croquette. So that’s what I made for the high tea. From what I could tell, most people enjoyed them.

My Apple Croquette
My Apple Croquette

Next to my apple croquettes we also had sandwiches, cookies, muffins, chocolates, you name it, we had it! I didn’t even manage to taste everything, that’s how much there was!

High tea table filled with goodies
High tea table filled with goodies
Some more of the high tea goodies
Some more of the high tea goodies
And more of the high tea goodies!
And more of the high tea goodies!

While everybody was enjoying themselves, chef and one of the patisserie colleagues together with her husband started to jam. They sang, while chef was playing guitar. It was really fun. A nice ending to a great year!

Chef on guitar
Chef on guitar

The only thing I need to do now is finish my portfolio. I will need to hand it in the coming month and in september we’ll be handed our diploma’s. I’ll also keep developing new recipes and writing on my blog of course. Put everything I learned into practice!


  1. Shweta
    2 April 2013

    Hi rachel,

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience it helped a lot for understanding how the course goes on on…

    Thanks Again.

    Could you be able to sen me some of the recipes that you have done in this course?


    1. 8 April 2013

      Hi Shweta,
      I’m glad you liked my post. I don’t have any of these recipes available at the moment, but will be adding more recipes to my site which will include things you can serve at a high tea. Just keep checking back on the site.
      Even the recipes I have available on the site now are suitable for a high tea, just check out some of the muffins and my brownies 🙂


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