Pastry Course Day Sixteen: Bas Relief Sugar Piece

This week we started with the fifth module instead of the fourth. This is because we have two groups on the same day and only one group at a time can do the fourth module. So our group has gone ahead and started with the fifth module. Once that’s finished the groups will switch modules.

The fifth module is all about decorating cakes again. This time, we learned about bas relief. A sort of embossing technique, that gives a little 3d effect to your decoration. The technique makes your decoration stand out slightly from the background.

We created a bas relief sugar piece. We were given a copy of an image and had to recreate that in basrelief. It was really fun to do. You really have to sort of dissect the image, what should be in the background and what should be in the front and work your way up from the back.
It takes a bit of time, but the result is quite nice, if I say so myself 🙂

Bas relief sugar piece
My sugar piece in bas relief

Af the end of the day we also prepared for the next lesson, we made a few rosebuds again. Next lesson, we’ll be learning how to make roses out of sugar paste. I have already attempted making sugar paste roses in the past, which didn’t really work out, so I’m quite curious to find out what will happen this time!

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